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Training Program

Focused on professional, athletic and technical development for future professional soccer players. A specialized team with more than two decades of experience led by Coach Adam Marcellus

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Expect high intensity training built to improve all aspects of your game. This will be a forward, midfield, defensive, and goalkeeper camp focused on teaching positional strategy, touch, and movement.

Elite NL Training camp is focused on providing results for those looking to take their game to the next level.

1 on 1 Program - Player + Coach

2+ Vs 1 Player + Coach Program

4+ Vs 1 Player + Coach Program

Elite NL Training

Giving players a firm foundation to enhance their technical skills, confidence, and aggression to get them ready for the Next Level

Adam Marcellus

Elite Next Level Soccer Coach


The Team

Adam is a former Division 1 scholarship soccer player from the University of New Hampshire. He was recruited out of greater Philadelphia, PA as a four-year scholarship player, and was considered a versatile player playing forward, midfield, and defense.

Adam played one year of Premier Development League (PDL) soccer for Reading Rage in Reading, PA, and currently enjoys a tenured career in finance.

Before starting Elite NL Training, Adam coached various clubs in the Northeast and previously played in the Bay State Soccer League (BSSL) out of Boston, MA.

Abby Laverriere

Elite Next Level Nutrition Coach


Abby is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Nutritional Science. Two of her favorite classes were Sports Nutrition and Nutrition Education & Counseling, both of which led her to join an exciting research project with varsity athletes on campus. The research included measuring and analyzing the body composition of male athletes from various sports over time. Abby holds certifications in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and nutrition coaching through Precision Nutrition. 

Outside of nutrition, Abby works as a clinical research coordinator for breast cancer trials at MGH. She loves running and strength training, spending time with friends and family, and being outdoors (especially by the beach)!

Brenna Buscher

Elite Next Level Strength & Conditioning Coach


Brenna is a NASM certified personal trainer, a certified kettlebell instructor, a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, a certified aerial skills instructor, and has been practicing boxing since 2011. She has worked with a diverse range of clients from ages 5-94 years, and offers 1:1 custom strength and conditioning programs as well as small group programs.

 Her passion for fitness was sparked by boxing as a way to relieve stress, achieve total body workout, and have fun. In order to reach her performance goals, she learned that she needed to add strength training to take her training and fitness to the next level. This led Brenna to an interest in coaching an designing strength and conditioning workouts. Brenna's goal is to share the enjoyment, knowledge, and experience she has gained from boxing and fitness with her clients so that they too can reach their goals.

Brenna creates workouts combining calisthenics, kettlebells, boxing (if applicable), and strength training that keep clients engaged and inspired. She creates workouts that are catered towards your physical abilities, needs, and goals - whether you are new to fitness or an athlete seeking an intense, challenging workout.

Player Development

We customize training around each member's sports schedule to better equip each player with the techniques needed to enhance their game.

We look to understand their playing style, areas of improvement, position(s) they play, and the levels of soccer they aspire to reach.

Focus on Each Player

At the core of our training, we focus on each player’s agility and technical training, and look to replicate gameplay to make each training session comparable to a real match.

At Elite NL Training we take great interest in each player’s ability and when possible, try to see at least one of their matches in person, offering impactful support towards their development.

Strong Foundation

The fundamentals will not change.

As each player develops, their soccer IQ should get stronger, their touches more refined to make quicker decisions on and off the ball, and each player should be better equipped to handle higher levels of elite play.

Training Costs

Individual Training Sessions

4 session minimum

1 v 1 – 1 Hour Session

$80/Hour per Player

Individually designed training sessions to enhance specific aspects of the player's game. Strong emphasis on fundamentals through cone work and agility, technical training, and game simulation to enhance player skills. As needed, will invite an additional player to simulate game style pressure at no additional cost.

Training sessions designed for Forwards, Midfielders, and Defense Players

Group Training Sessions

3 session minimum

2+ vs 1 – 1 Hour Session

$70/Hour per Player

4+ vs 1 – 1 Hour Session

$60/Hour per Player

Including aspects of the individual training session and targeting areas of improvement for each player. More in game pressure is reinforced to strengthen technical ability and putting heavy emphasis on first, second, and third touches. Expect to better understand speed of play and positioning on and off the ball.

Training sessions designed for Forwards, Midfielders, and Defense Players

Virtual Training Sessions

1+ vs 1 – 45 Minute Training Session

$40 per Session

Virtual training sessions are designed to enhance each players technical ability through tight space ball control and dynamic on/off the ball movement. Be prepared to test your footwork through different cone drills and numerous touches on the ball.

These sessions are provided through multiple providers to make availability simple.


Our Nutrition Vision

Developing nutrition strategies to meet your life and athletic goals.

Learn healthier eating habits, focused on behavioral coaching, educating, and goal setting. Here we give one on one nutrition training based on the playing style of each player. Work with an in-house nutritionist that learns the playing style of the individual and

teaches proper dietary intake for optimal performance.  

These sessions are not only available for players but also extend to family members and friends who are looking to improve their diets for a healthier lifestyle. You are never too young or old to eat healthy.

Training can be offered online via video or in person

Nutrition Plans

1 on 1 – 1 Hour Session


Contact us to for more detail or book your appointment online.

We've known Adam for a while and knew that he played at high levels of soccer. We chose him and continue to come to him because of his character, the one-on-one approach he takes with Nehemiah, his understanding of Nehemiah's playing style, and how he continually provides results.

After each session Adam explains to us what he worked on and what he plans to work on next session to make sure we see that development in Nehemiah's game. The results speak for themselves. In each game after a training session, we recognized some of the on-field plays and positioning were practiced the day- before with Adam. While Adam focuses on the fundamentals, he also appreciates that he analyzes Nehemiah's playing style and custom tailors the exercises to truly raise Nehemiah to the Elite Next Level. 

The hour time frame is not an issue with Adam, continually pouring in as much teaching as he can within each session to increase Nehemiah's skills and abilities.  We already knew Nehemiah was improving by watching his game and the comments we received from other parents but the results truly spoke when not long after training with Adam Nehemiah qualified for the Revolution Academy Elite Training Program. We could not be more pleased with this program.


Coach Adam was recommended to us by a friend and we could not be more pleased that David is training with him. Over each session we continue to see improvement in his game and attitude. Teammates and parents are continually

complimenting David on his improvement and tenacity; David's confidence is growing on and off the field; we have seen a renewed excitement to play soccer and hone in his skills. He is even training more during his free time.


Coach Adam was quickly able to identify areas of improvement, point out David's strengths, and identify David's style of play to pull out more of his natural abilities. Adam not only cares about David's on field development but also cares about how he is developing in his personal life with school and friends. He often spends more than the hour training time with David to get to know him and willingly spends more time on drills/skills when time allows.


Coach Adam took the time to know me as a player and the skills I was trying to build. I enhanced my fundamentals, strengthened my mental game, and I was very happy when I stepped onto the football club of my choice a day after trying out.

I recommend Elite NLT to anyone trying to reach higher levels of soccer. It truly is a customized program for the players.


We're thrilled to have Coach Adam working with Ethan. He takes a comprehensive approach to working with players, focusing not only on essentials like fitness and technical skills but also on the mental aspect of the game. We've seen a tremendous increase in our son's confidence since working with him.

Coach Adam genuinely cares about the players he's working with. I've been particularly impressed with the time he's spent outside of training, such as attending games to further evaluate Ethan's performance and add to his customized development plan. He also proactively reaches out to me as a parent to share feedback so everyone is in the loop. As a parent, I feel like this is a true partnership among coach, player and parent.

I highly recommend Coach Adam for any player looking to take his/her development to the next level.

Stephen and Ethan

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